Legend Carbon / PTFE Total Appearance System Kit

High-tech, aerospace grade coating technology.

A lower-cost version of the exact same formulation of Carbon/PTFE-6, but with a lesser PTFE concentration,
Liquid Glass Legend is as glossy but not as durable. To the untrained eye, no difference would be noted in the
mirror-shiny gloss. Liquid Glass Carbon/PTFE-6 has a durability factor of 7 to 10 years with 5 coatings, while
Liquid Glass Legend Carbon/PTFE Finish renders 3 years. In comparison, one coating of Liquid Glass Legend
is equal to 5 coats of Liquid Glass Polish/Finish.

The Liquid Glass Legend Carbon/PTFE Total Appearance Sytem Kit contains everything the discriminating
enthusiast needs to keep their vehicle looking new, including Legend Carbon/PTFE (16 oz.), Pre-Cleaner (8 oz.),
Wash Concentrate (16 oz.), Cleaner (8 oz.), Protectant (8 oz.), application cloth, and buffing towel in a reusable,
vehicle-mountable carrying case.