Detail Spray

Liquid Glass Detail Spray

The ultimate in shine, durability, and protection.

Liquid Glass Detail Spray is an optical brightener for paint, brightwork, glass, plastic, finished wood and any hard
non-porous surface, and enhances the gloss and durability of Liquid Glass Polish/Finish. Liquid Glass Detail Spray
is a version of the legendary Liquid Glass Polish/Finish. This easy to use liquid spray is comprised of optically clear
chemicals which will enhance the luster of a Liquid Glass coated surface. Great to use for a quick shine just before
cruising, or for a quick spruce-up before a car show. Liquid Glass Detail Spray imparts an exceptionally high luster
with no harsh chemicals or abrasives. Removes streaking and spots, road grime, and film from multiple surfaces,
prevents static electricity so dust will not cling to the finish, and leaves no residue. Liquid Glass Detail Spray can
also be used as a waterless car wash.

Available in 16 ounce spray and 1 gallon bottles.