The Liquid Glass Total Appearance System

The Holy Grail of ultra high technology and the benchmark
by which all others will be forever judged.

The Liquid Glass Total Appearance System is a six product line which is unique in that no
other appearance chemical company has products which LOVE HEAT. The hotter it gets,
the harder the Liquid Glass becomes. And the harder it gets, the shinier it gets. Every other
car wax or polish in the world HATES heat, as that is what breaks down the molecules of
the wax and makes them evaporate, or polymerize. All of our products also chemically
cross-link, which means that each shares properties and chemicals of the other, making
them a powerful link in a chain.

Chemical Cross-Linking: The Nucleus Of Our System

Unlike other finishing families, the Liquid Glass System works because each highly-refined product chemically bonds with the next. The concept is simple. The results, simply-spectacular. All products are perfectly safe for use on clear coated surfaces, and help retard acid rain and hard water spotting. When used together as a Total Appearance System, they cross-link to give you maximum protection and beauty.

Pour on the Liquid Glass Wash Concentrate, Pre-Cleaner and Polish/Finish today and see how their dazzling glow reflects on you. Maintain that shine with Liquid Glass Detail Spray. Then rejuvenate your leather, vinyl and rubber with our Connoisseur’s Choice duo. Once you experience a touch of “glass”, you’ll never settle for less. With regular use of all six products, the treated surfaces will remain mirror shiny, satin smooth, diamond hard, and resistant to all natural destructive elements.