Liquid Glass Car Care Products

The Holy Grail of ultra high technology and the benchmark by which all others will be forever judged.

For over 30 years, Liquid Glass has offered a premier selection of car care products for both the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Everything from a water cleansing car wash that will leave a satin-smooth, just “glassed” appearance, to the ultimate car polish that leaves a clear, hard, smooth, mirror-like finish.

Plus a leather, vinyl, and rubber cleaner and protectant to leave the interior of your vehicle protected and looking like new. Liquid Glass is the Holy Grail of car care!

Car handcrafted and custom-built by Heavenly Bodies International Inc., New Milford, NJ,
a wholly owned division of Liquid Glass Enterprises Inc.
Liquid Glass Car Care Products
Liquid Glass will never crack, chip, peel, or turn yellow, and is completely safe for all clearcoated surfaces. The more coats you apply, the deeper, richer, and better protected the vehicle becomes.
Liquid Glass keeps your prized aircraft, boat, or auto gleaming with a glass-like, satin-smooth glow that will turn heads, while turning away the elements. Helps retard acid rain and hard water spotting.
Liquid Glass can be used on fiberglass, metal, kevlar, or wooden boats and will not harm gelcoat. Retards barnacle and algae growth on gelcoat, boat bottoms, engine parts, rudders, and all brightwork.
Liquid Glass also has hundreds of uses in and around the home. Use it to clean and protect jewelry, plastic, ceramic tile vinyl sheds, shower doors, sporting and camping equipment, and more.